A State of Affairs

Unknown Era release their highly anticipated debut album ‘A State of Affairs’

After 5 years since their self-titled EP, the reggae/ska/punk/soul nine-piece from Nottingham have graced us with this highly energetic 18-track album which is looking to be one of the best of the year. The upbeat tracks are filled with catchy ska hooks, groovy basslines and glorious trumpet licks on top of signature reggae beats. With an 18-track album many would expect some filler songs, but every track could easily be a powerful single on its own. Running through the album are politically intelligent and socially aware lyrics which truly reflect the uncertainty in the world right now, pointing out the struggle in enacting positive change.

It’s safe to say that Unknown era have really given us a game-changer of a debut album!

“The album presents important messages across its verses, smothering them in incredibly catchy riffs, dreamy basslines and unforgettable vocals. We know it’s a cliché – but this album really does have something for everyone.” – Nusic

‘A State of Affairs’ is an eighteen-track record full of feel-good ska, critical lyrics, and a whole bunch of energy, and, while the original plan to celebrate the album at live shows has been scuppered, this release is almost certainly catchy enough to get people dancing and singing in their bedrooms nonetheless.” – Into the pit

“It’s ska hooks and soul melting vocals are perfection then with a punch its fast-paced ska punk at its best!” – 0161 Festival

“A State of Affairs is easily one of the best albums this year and maybe destined to be the big favourite of a great many come its end” – The Ringmaster Review

Watch the music video for the track ‘Meet me (on the dancefloor)’ here:

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