“Oche” was released under Hecks previous band name Baby Godzilla

I had no idea what to expect from the band, in all honesty they’d slipped under my radar, so I stuck the CD in the player and poured some milk on my crunchy nut, waiting in anticipation and cobwebbed interest. The first track, At The Oche, started and the fuzzy, glorious feedback that meets with smashed, clattered, frantic drums and an elastic, bouncy bass, along with shrieked, furious vocals almost tore my hangover out of my ears and was just about to make a horrific mess on the floor but luckily I managed to slam my hands over my ears and keep everything intact. I fucking loved the noise that was ruining my (supposed to be) quiet morning. So much, in fact, that after the 7 tracks had finished I got another bowl of crunchy nut and pressed play again. Paracetamol? Pah! Who needs those when you’ve got Baby Godzilla?
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Baby Godzilla are now two and half years old (having formed in October 2009) and like a 2 and half year old, they’re filled with a catastrophic amount of energy and ready to ruin your life. Their ‘Oche’ EP is like listening to a 25 minute tantrum from the world’s most well read toddler. Imagine if Clutch and Every Time I Die had a baby and then they gave that baby to The Dillinger Escape Plan to raise, then you would get Baby Godzilla.
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Of course all of this extreme showmanship would be for absolutely nowt if the tuns weren’t there. You can get a taste, a mere whiff of what these songs sound like by going and checking out the band’s previous mini-album, Oche,over on Spotify, but quite frankly it’s just not the same as getting ‘At the Oche’ screamed right into your face. There isn’t a live band in the UK that comes close to Baby Godzilla right now. Not even slightly.
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