Circle of Light


I’m Not From London brings you Circle of Light, an inspirational project made by a collection of 18-25 year old budding musicians and creatives who were given the almost impossible task of creating an album in only three weeks. The album explores the beast and burden that is mental health with the aim to give a voice to those who may be suffering in silence. Unapologetic, honest and cognizant, C.O.L is a musical portrait of a gang of Nottingham artists.

With the funding of Youth Music and the National Lottery Fund, Circle of Light gave Nottingham-based aspiring artists the chance to collaborate with a number of the city’s leading artists and music professionals. Nottingham’s own Scorzayzee, Rob Green, Nina Smith and members of the Invisible Orchestra are only a few acclaimed individuals involved in the making of the album.

Tiffany Holland, who had never written music or performed, found herself singing and writing on a number of tracks and has since been inspired to continue creating. Tiffany said; “I never thought I would be contributing to an album and it’s given me a massive sense of achievement. Not having a creative outlet was really affecting my mental health and it could have been a dark summer but thanks to this project, I’ve had loads of support and it turned into something light.”

“An exceptionally intergenerational hip/pop nu-soul masterpiece”.

Here’s a sneak peek of the project:

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