Cypher Sore Eyes

Louis Cypher returns with the six-track EP Cypher Sore Eyes

After sitting on a number of tracks he’d written three years ago, the Nottingham rapper finally released them to the world on the Boom Bap Professionals label and how glad we are that he did! The expertly crafted combination of old school boom bap sounds, soulful harmonies and gritty snares is a spectacle in itself, but equally impressive are the underlying messages and clever lyricism found throughout the EP. Louis Cypher attempts to tackle the big questions around society and our life purposes, culminating in a project for the soul-searchers of this world.

Cypher Sore Eyes features vocal contribution from the likes of Liam Bailey, Tony Skank, Benny Diction and Ty Healy, as well as production from Kastanza, DJ Severe and Pete 1st Blood. Check out the EP on Spotify and ITunes, and buy the CD on the label’s website.

“A time-traveller from 80s New York awakens in a smoky UK, his name is Louis Cyhper, and he’s come to deliver a lesson on what boom bap hiphop should sound like, UK style.” – The Wub

“‘Cypher Sore Eyes’ is boom-bap balm for the ears from the game face of Nottingham’s Louis Cypher, getting stuck in and hounding the supplies of DJ Severe, Kastanza and Pete 1st Blood. A six-track EP that’s got soul and a will to win.” – Monolith Cocktail

Check out the music video for one of the tracks, ‘Actualize’, below:

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