Hark! The Headland Approacheth

This July sees the release the second album, Hark! The Headland Approacheth, by nautical rockers Seas Of Mirth through I’m Not From London Records. 

“We like to think of the record as a brash, melodic, whimsical adventure story; a sort of truncated nautical B-movie featuring a cast of characters raided from Hollywood’s worst costume department.” – Cannonball Paul (guitar)

The band’s sound has clearly progressed since the release of their debut album in 2012 and the EPs that have followed, honing their craft at Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair, the main stage at Beat Herder Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, two Euro-tours of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and many more knees-ups in between.

Expect to hear a fair few fingers of Jethro Tull and a smattering of Steeleye Span. However, any travelled crew at sea is a cultural melting pot, and on ‘Hark! The Headland Approacheth’ Seas of Mirth have expanded their horizons to encompass Celtic, Greek and African influences.

Seas Of Mirth

‘The Curse Of The Conniving Lighthouse Sniper’, ‘Brandywine’, ‘Salt Man’ can all attest to being titillating titles expanded out into song-length themes (maybe best not to go searching for any hidden messages).
‘It’s Raining, Men’, complete with a fully fledged shipping forecast and a horror-surf sounding arrangement is a sonic storm of sorts.

There are more riffs, more otherworldly sounds than ever before, there’s even an analog drum machine in ‘Plankton Song’ – a lament from a blue whale feeling sympathetic towards its staple food. The 150-year-old pump organ, Pearl, must also receive credit for her discordant drones.

If this sounds like heavy stuff, it isn’t! There is still a jig or two to be had.

“It’s a trip and a blast from beginning to end. Bellowhead is so last year darling, the new gods are here” – Spiral Earth Magazine

“An extremely refreshing and encouraging type of ridiculous” – Fatea Magazine

“Great fun with lots of good tunes and musicianship” – R2 Magazine

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