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Sat 24th February at JT Soar

A night of murderous gothically influenced post rock, sister doom and rock to make you all feel just a little more evil and disturbed than you were before as God knows, the world needs much more of that right now…

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9.45 pm

As part of their “Beautifully Dark EP” tour, we’re very excited to introduce Leeds/Hull “Sister Doom duo CHAMBERS play JT Soar.

Signed to I’m Not From London Records with even more releases in the pipeline and an impressive collection of festival dates, videos, radio play, a USA sync deal and music press attention the band are racking up an impressive list of support slots in their home county and have so far played with the likes of Black Honey, The Mirror Trap, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Heck and Clean Cut Kid; a list that’s almost as varied as their own many-faceted influences. Citing the likes of Nirvana, The Pixies, Kendrick Lamar, Reggie Snow, Deap Valley, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pulled Apart by Horses and Interpol, their taste is nothing if not eclectic. The pair are also big horror film fans which they feel is where their darker, doom-influenced material stems from .

“There’s something that excites us about horror” continues Churchill “We naturally just went down more of a dark and doomy route. It wasn’t something we planned, it was just what we felt at the
time and it’s now stuck with us.”

“Like Molten Silver dripping down the engine of God’s favourite car” – Molten Press

“Probing, dramatic music coming from a very real place” – Clash Magazine

“Hauntingly psychedelic. Dark, disjointed and angular – Louder Than War

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9.00 pm

Reflective aggression framed in restraint. Confrontational, personal, semi-gothic post-rock cut down to snapshots of dreamscape redemption.

“We’ve taken it slow, took us close to a decade to get here. We’ve been moving around each other in separate outfits and bands that have toured the UK, Europe and Japan and finally, we settled in Hollywood – the band. That’s ten years a piece of writing, playing, performing, perfecting, swapping influences and recovering.

Coming from Nottingham and drawn out of Nottingham and Parisian bands (Dick Venom & the Terrortones, Captain Dangerous, Practical Lovers, Deaf Bridges and Les Prussians), Hollywood allowed us to do something new…

Now we can draw from shared influences previously untapped. We can take time to create swathes of sound and mood and move slowly to combine a subdued aggression with a wry catharsis and confessionary narrative.

Weaving together Leonard Cohen, Kyuss, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai and Badseeds, Hollywood serves to show bravery in construction and intimate presentation.”

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8.15 pm

With a name taken from a fever dream, lyrics inspired by a fascination with serial killers and dusty desert towns, and musical influences ranging from Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western soundtracks to early nineties grunge, The Madeline Rust are Lucy Morrow (bass and vocals), Aly McNab (guitar), Gerralt Ruggerio (guitar) and Martin Syvret (drums).

“Quite simply, there is nothing remotely close to this band, they are unique. They deliver loud, emotional and powerful music, take it or leave it. 21 Girls delivers, it takes the template set with Truth or Consequences and expands upon it. This album is the full package of writing, performance and atmosphere from beginning to end.” Chris McGranaghan, TOR Records

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7.30 pm

MINATORE (meena-tour-ray) are a Dirty Coal-Faced Rock n Roll band from Notts & Derbyshire. Inspired by humour, tragedies, perspective, and avalanches. For a two piece, they kick out some seriously fat riffs and brutal beats, whilst playing with a delicate finesse matched only by King Kong.

£6 on the door
£5 in advance (Ticket link coming soon)

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)

JT SOAR is also a foodbank collection bank if anyone wants to donate, just bring food down on the night.

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