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Thursday 10th October – WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY

We’re so amazed, excited and proud of this album!

In June 2019, the awesome and lovely Tricia Gardiner of Offshoots proposed and won a bid funded by Youth Music to give 60 Nottinghamshire musicians an opportunity to write, record and release a vinyl album which will be released through I’m Not From London / Dedicated Records on World Mental Health Day – October 10. The album’s tracks are all loosely based around Mental Health, the mind and the daily struggles we all face in our lives.

We hope you can come and buy an album and see the songs being performed live by all of the musicians involved.

The record and this project was a testament to both the human spirit and the talent that exists in Nottinghamshire. This was in most cases the first time the young musicians had recorded in a studio and certainly the first time they had recorded (and in most cases) even met each other!

The project has produced over 30 tracks from pop to hip hop to soul and all done with the help of established Nottingham musicians and producers working alongside the newer practitioners.

Watch our stories here:

A massive thank you to Craig Chettle and Metronome for donating their studio and event space for free for the good of the project, we couldn’t have done this without you.

Thanks also to Summaya Mughal and all at the BBC Radio Nottingham team for their support. Props to Frank from Fun Lovin’ Criminals for coming down and spitting some bars on a track with Summaya!

Keep your eyes peeled for the “Inside Out” documentary narrated by our very own Scorzayzee to be aired on the 6th October!!

The night will be truly special for everyone involved and we hope you can all attend.

The door fee will be £5 though you can pay £10 which will pre order you a Vinyl album (which you can get in time for Christmas) plus a free download of the album. The original bid only covered the dub plates pressings but after hearing the album we thought it would be a crime not to press this to vinyl so please dig deep as we need the pre orders to make the vinyl happen!!!


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