I’m Not From London Presents….
Sat 20th Of August at The Old Bus Depot
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DENSE are a garage-punk rock outfit from Leeds, UK. The three-piece combine thick fuzz with intricate riffs and melodies, which produce unique and high energy sounds accompanied by raucous live shows. Having shared stages around the country with the likes of Prettiest Eyes and Flat Worms, DENSE are looking to spread their intense energy as far as they can reach.
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The energy of The Stooges, the aura of The Rolling Stones, the rhythm of James Brown, Grain have erupted with a sound of funk, blues and rock n roll to give the industry the ‘sweaty gigs’ it’s been missing… 
 Instagram: @grainbanduk
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beware the gruesome twosome known only as CHIPTOOTH
£5 entry on the door.
Part of INFL & The Old Bus Depot’s Art Council funded project , 50 gigs around the sun.
Ticket link: https://www.gigantic.com/dense-tickets
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