I’m Not From Dublin presents…
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A St Patrick’s Day Special

Friday 17th March at the Orange tree!

Come to sing, dance, drink and be merry and help celebrate the life and death of the patron Saint of Ireland who drove the snakes out of Ireland in his uncle’s tractor. Come and discuss religion, politics, nationalism, your Irish grandma and do it while trying in vain to drink responsibly and dancing like an eejit.

Entertainment will be provided by Dublin’s finest export Fí Shanks Music on the decks and The Alta Pueblo band will be playing Irish folk along with “The Irish Goodbyes” who will be singing rebel songs loudly and a reinventing a few classics to get you up and tapping your feet like a barefooted Flatly on a hot tin roof.

Deals on Whiskey and more to be announced soon!

See you there, remember to wear something green!

The gig is free but the Guinness isn’t!

Slainte’ & good luck.



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