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Sat 18th September @the old Cold Store /Vat and Fiddle
#FIRST IN THE ROOM, CURSE OF THE ZOOM#- sorry we’re quoting The Streets here but OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO EXCITING!!
Taking place right where we left off, bringing back memories of the before time when touching, hugging, dancing and various liquids spilling everywhere doesn’t send you into a nervous breakdown.
Hallouminati will be bringing their wonderfully recognisable blend of High Octance, off the walls, anxiety inducing and cathartic release of sounds for you. Expect old and new: Tunes! Friends! Bands! Parties! PRIZES!
You know the deal. We want everyone in a room together, dancing and laughing with one another once more. We want you seeing people you haven’t in years, reliving and pounding on that dancefloor. We have missed you all so, SO much and it warms our hearts like last year’s summer to know well meet on the dance floor once more. Grab a ticket, turn up and let’s party like it’s 2019 in a Greek restaurant again.
“The sonic recreation of Old Greek men sat around a table in a taverna whilst their annoying grandkids listen to Jungle music.”
“Like consuming nothing but lamb and Ouzo for three days straight.”
“Sounds like a Greek panic attack.”


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