The Angel Microbrewery & I’m Not From London presents…
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We’ve got big things planned for the Angel this Halloween!

❂ We’re collaborating with I’m Not from London, that means loud live music from Bunker Pop (plus another soon to be announced mystery act!)

? ? ? ? ?

In their own words…

“Someone did say we’re like the fall on a diet of chystal meth and sherbet dips but i can’t remember who it was.”

“A lass once kicked me up the arse at a gig and told me we sound like the music to super mario kart. I think we’re quite political. Other people simply can’t see it….it looks just like 5 blokes pissed up on stage. Personally i think we are a community help group for the socially inadequate….me getting my clothes off is ridiculous. But it helps others feel better about themselves…ha ha….Our album is out early 2019. Listen to it!”

❂ Halloween themed cocktail and shot deals.

❂ FILM SCREENING IN THE CAVES ???; we’ll be screening The Ring in the caves…an unmissable experience! £7 a ticket, free popcorn. There are very limited spaces available, don’t miss out! First come first served, tickets on the door.

❂ Fancy dress is strongly advised; don’t be a spoil sport!

❂ Sponsored by Old J and Fireball.

Get yourselves down for a night of spook and a boogie, see ya there!!
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