Two of the city’s most prolific music promoters and record labels, I’m Not From London and Phlexx join forces to give you one of the most diverse lineups of the festival upstairs and down at the Angel Microbrewery, a (mainly) Nottingham with a few surprises thrown in for good measure!!

Upstairs at The Angel

12.00 (Midnight) – TONES DJ’s!!

(Afro / Deep / Tribal / Tech House) from Nottingham


The Visceral and sublime Witch Of The East; whose songs of cinematic, Genre-Twisting potency – governed by songstress writer Aeris Houlihan, are nothing short of pushing boundaries within popular guitar music of the early 90’s and giving it a well needed ‘2021 punch in the gut!’ Hitting you deep inside your core. An elevated, dystopian, apocalyptic angst runs through their bones and delivers a harsh dose of reality through the dreaminess of their aura. Aeris, Zera Tønin and Manny are an inspired collective of creativity, bringing you their brand new record ‘Savage Beauty’ out through I’m Not From London records on the 29th October 2021 – Pre order it here!

Check out their new video, ‘Red, Yellow and Black’


Since bursting out of their Dumfries base, Franky’s Evil Party are incredibly hard to ignore. Their live shows have garnered a reputation for ferocity which should come as no surprise given that their Facebook page declares: “WE HAVE THE LEADER. WE HAVE THE ARMY. WE HAVE THE PARTY.” In the year since releasing their debut track, Dolph Lundgren, Franky’s Evil Party, have notched up a string of festival appearances in Scotland. Defying any obvious comparisons, the band have created their own sound, which incorporates disco beats, a post-punk vibe and plenty of intensity.



Local Healers comprise Ty Healy and Nay Loco and their ‘local’ rise has been equally unstoppable and intriguing with their mix of lyrical freshness, raw energy, visual identity and just plain graft. They don’t stop. Releases and collaborations, podcasts, videos, that classic hip hop cliche of hustle, but hustle you must. The quadruple threat of talent, vision, copious production and self-promotion are the mainstays of success in the game. For their third release, they’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine, Louis Cypher, a veteran of the city’s always fire MC scene, an OG member of 1st Blood, promoter and gravelly-voiced man about town. Together the lads decided to create a record under lockdown with an aim to reconnect senses, question their situation and just make some art.


8.30 pm – 94 GUNSHIPS

“This Nottingham collective have been wowing local gig goers for the past couple of years. Reference points include The Coral and Doves while the yin/yang opposites attraction dual vocalists Will Jeffery and Rob Davidson create is worth the admission fee alone.”

– Dom Gourlay, Drowned in Sound

Imagine the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino film about Tom Waits’ life, set in the East Midlands.

Rob Davidson and Will Jeffery accidentally formed 94 Gunships when Rob wrote a song about watching a man dig a hole and then filling it in again. Before long they brought in some friends – Russ Clark (Bass) and Marq Sutton (Drums) – to help create a bigger sound and to broaden the now folk-law tale of the man digging a hole and then filling it in again. Leo Whiteman (electric guitar) joined after hearing Rob and Will performing this legendary song, and for some reason felt compelled to give the sound another dimension and perhaps a few more songs.

In an attempt to spread the important message about the man digging a hole and then filling it again, they soon found themselves at the bottom of Nottingham’s diverse music scene. After emerging from the darkness with blisters on their fingers and sore hands, they were finally ready to release their second EP about a loose tooth…

7.30 pm – BAD MEN

Like a tired old Haggard Cat but with bigger beards and tats.


6.30 pm – LOCALS

‘Like being hit by bricks, but more enjoyable.’

‘Being told off for 30 mins (with Groove)’

‘Choking on Sweets, with guitars’

‘Dry entry, moist exit’

‘Music your wife and parents will fucking hate’

‘Coconuts have hair and produce milk so they must be mammals’

‘Five men to make your dick big’

‘Fresh out of prison, fresh out of ideas’

‘Porn Hub (with riffs)’


5.30 pm – RUDI

Described by Nusic as ‘suave, soulful and charismatic’, Rudi is a singer, producer & songwriter. His debut EP Diamond is an ‘unmistakable invitation to the dance floor: nostalgic but feeling anything but dated.’ (Leftlion magazine)
Through the Night, his new single featuring Scandinavian songstress Amanda Thomsen is a celebration of spontaneity. With indie-disco trio Patawawa on remix duties, you can’t help but dance. With further collaborations and a new EP to follow, no matter what is going on in the world, Rudi is committed to keeping the party going.

4.30 pm – VONA VELLA 

This is Vona Vella. Two Leicestershire born songwriters and musicians Daniel Cunningham and Izzy Davis. Expect a blend of pop, folk and soul.



Nottingham based five-piece, drawn from varied corners of the Midlands.
Nature of their purpose: Composite of dialectical materialism and conventional instrumentation
Inspired by the broad swathe of post-punk artists of prior decades, they begin their long millennial march through the institutions by delivering their caustic-bile sound, enveloped in dulcet petrichor tone.
Character of their sound: Klang und Drang

FFO – Prose, Unions, Electricity, High-Modernism



Unified Roots is a Grunge and Punk Rock band in the city of Nottingham, England. The band consists of Jack Hose (Drums), Ronan Baker (Bass), Ben Davies (Guitar) and Kane Whittaker (Guitar/Vocals)


Downstairs at The Angel

12.00 pm -PHLEXX DJ’s


11.00 pm – ARCH FEMMESIS

Arch Femmesis are a duo of Zera Tønin and Stephen, ones to be excited for, producing fast paced, electronic, punk dance tunes to take you back into a sweaty basement filled with strobes and smoke. With a discography limited by their youth as a duo, their most popular tracks ‘Sapiosexual’ and ‘Velvet Thunder’ show the promise and provide a taster of what’s to come. ‘Velvet Thunder‘ opens like a classic techno track, bringing in warped synths and stripped back drumbeats leading into a more intense beat lifted by Zera’s breathy, looping vocals.


10.00 pm – MOON

Earth’s only natural satellite. Their gravitational influence slightly lengthens Earth’s day and it’s to their credit. Their fanclub known as Lunatics have been known to be a little crazy sometimes but in general are a real howl. Critics have said Moon lacks atmosphere but we dispute this, we think they just have a higher surface gravity and density.
Like Bowie and Madonna, their regular cycle of phases have provided cultural references and influences for human societies throughout history. Such influences can be found in language, calendar systems, art, and even modern mythology. We’d go out on a limb and say Moon are the brightest celestial object in the sky.Tune into Moon and F*ck The Sun.


9.00 pm – PRIMAL

PRIMAL are a Nottingham based power trio playing soulful blues rock with howling vocals, Zeppelesque riffs and pounding speedball drums that won’t stop until one (or all) of you are dead.

8.00 pm – BABE PUNCH

 Babe Punch are an alternative four piece from Nottingham/Derby. Babe Punch shape their distinctive sound around grunge and punk influences, defined by their individual inspirations. Babe Punch, a youthful, eccentric, electric and fiery mix of pop punk, grunge and pure fire, welcome to your new favourite band.


7.00 pm – YOU WANT FOX

You Want Fox are a shot of ethanol based adrenaline to the eyes of the UK music scene. Hailing from Nottingham and comprising of Natalie (bass/vocals) and Colette (Drums/vocals) they formed in early 2015 and show no visceral signs of stopping. The energetic duo create a Rock/pop music sound that goes round and round and round and round in your head like an unforgotten dream. Mercurial soldiers of musical fortune, these badass women are driven by catchy melodies, clever harmonies, stolen Jaegermeister and like nothing more than playing hard and fast whilst ripping you in front of your Mum. Stand back, watch and be warned.


6.00 pm – PASTE

officialpasteband aka Paste are in their own words a weird ass
alternative Band from Nottingham. Although we’ve never heard them, we only hear good things of them.

5.00 pm –JACK WOLFF

Alternative Jazz and hip hop from one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists, producers and performers in Nottingham.



Benjamin Zięć is a singer song writer from Nottingham that has appeared and featured in a multitude of bands, acts and art forms such as The Afterdark Movement, Origin One and in his electronic persona of Trekkah and Phlexx Records founder/co director. Going back to his roots of music composition is it only now that the artist has finally got round to recording his debut Ep ‘Fallen Leaves’.


3.00 pm – MARTY

Marty is a pop / indie band based in Nottingham, Flawless harmonies. They been making waves over the last couple of years and have recently been put forward for a slew of awards with Roots Live Music including ‘Best Live Band Performer’.

2.00 pm – MALVIS KE

Brand new Notts based outfit, one’s to watch!

1.00 pm – ZIG DA KID

Zig Da Kid is a UK based Rapper, Songwriter and director from Nottingham full of individual ideas and sounds with memorable, repetitive bars that take you on a trip to another planet. Powerful beats almost overpowered the vocals in some tracks, but if you’re going to do everything else differently, why not experiment with it all? Zig uses a mix of genres and styles as well as different collaborations to create his own, rather unique, trademark. It really works. Matthew Benton-Smith/ Leftlion


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