✪ ✪ ✪ SAT 28th MARCH @ THE LION ✪ ✪ ✪
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Our 1st BEER! BANDS! BURGERS! of 2020!

Expect a “Pub Takeover” with at least 6 kegs, 5 casks and a selection of cans from mystery brewer, soon to be announced!

All day live music courtesy of I’m Not From London from 2pm!

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“Witnessing their raucous live show is like experiencing a ride on a brakeless rollercoaster!” FDTD Magazine.

“Dressed in a fedora and colourful shirt, a bearded front-man prowls the venue from stage to floor to bar like the feral love-child of Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop. Spoon-feeding us this hefty dose of Slaves-esque riffs and ear-pounding drums are Leicester outfit Goldwater, who career through a muscular set of blues grooves, howling vocals and high-octane, crowd pleasing rock ‘n’ roll to take Birmingham by surprise.” Counteract Music Magazine

“A visceral shot in the arm is supplied by the psychedelic blues-rock of GoldWater, and one of the most engaging frontman around. If you’ve never been lambasted from on high by their flamboyant frontman, you’re missing out.” Phil Bull – efestivals.co.uk


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Bunkerpop deliver an experimental mash of energy and titivating instrumental & electronic sound with pronouncements. Hailing from Hull, City of Culture, they take their broad influences from such groups as Neu, Holy Fuck and Talking Heads.
Bunkerpop live combines these musical charms with the excitement and visual stimuli of a Billy Graham, PFunk or Flaming Lips concert. Cult like worship is encouraged. Bunkerpop are the peoples band…..come join them.’

“Bunkerpop are the ideal soundtrack to the 21st century. Neu meets Chicory Tip” – WHFM

“Incredible track from Bunkerpop”. ” Everything they send is brilliant” – BBC Radio Introducing ‘Track(s) of the week’ (Are You Ready) for Something & Kijk.

“Bunkerpop is a startling sonic triumph. Like JG Ballard or Philip K Dick on the dancefloor,it’s a groovy, trance-inducing mix of Krautrock, post-punk funk, mutant disco and electronica with nods to Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Can, Neu and Talking Heads. A mention must also go to the high level of production on show, often recalling Martin Hannett’s sparse recording technique for Joy Division and Factory, eschewing the clutter and fuzz of guitar feedback to leave a void for your mind to ecstatically drift into. Their debut proves that Bunkerpop are more than just a live outfit and can up their lo-fi game to draw upon a wide range of influences to create something fresh and original.” – The Cultural Assassin



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Mollusca Vita is the illegitimate bin baby of Amy Winehouse and Bill Bailey. A soulful anarchistic warrior clown wielding a guitar named frog, hollering songs about the power and abuse of love, the dystopian elite and smashing the patriarchy. All this with a voice that will slice to the core of your own playful heart like the deliciously deadly Katana sword of Beatrix Kiddo herself.


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Alt Rock 4 piece Falling Off Maps combine soaring melodies and brooding lyrics with dirty guitars and some seriously heavy riffs. Recent singles Swinging Brick And Slow Death are like Smashing Pumpkins and early Foo Fighters wrestling in a paddling pool full of early 90s and Grunge flavoured jelly while their latest offering A Scrap To Eat is a searing slice of punk rock The Walkman would be proud of.
With triumphant shows at Hockley Hustle and Mindfest at the back end of last year, the band really need to be seen live as they are a real force to be reckoned with and all signs point to an absolutely killer album arriving in the coming months.

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Buenos Treehouse pay bent edge pop rock for fans of Weezer, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock & Beach Boys

“It’s a phenomenal track” – Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing in the East Midlands (on the single, ‘Low’)

Listen here: https://buenostreehouse.bandcamp.com/releases


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A collision of dirty blues, funk and soul. The secret’s in the sauce. The sauce is Stinking Rita!

Bringing to you a collective of Nottingham musicians. Fusing funky originals, soulful rhapsodies, dirty blues. Shona Munro brings feral raw vocal power and high energy to her performances. Rissa May (guitar and vocals) compliments the wild with nature. Bob J Cat (bass/multi-instruments) – We found him in the snow. Claudine West (drums/multi-instruments) has may faucets to her tap. Local legend Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor entertains with his euphoric harmonica.

Once upon a time. There was a doll with a big plastic head, a gaping mouth with little white teeth and a cloth body. She was fed Japanese Anemone heads, seeds and pods out of the garden. Time passed. Rita stank. Rita funked. She was named Stinking Rita. She dances for money. She performs for love and higher vibrations on this exquisite ride that is music.

More TBC…


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