I’m Not From London presents…

Open Mic Showcase at The Angel Microbrewery
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— Thursday 5th October —

This event is a monthly event for I’m Not From London’, our
aim being to give acts a more practical way to introduce themselves to us and vice versa, it’s a lot of fun too in the historical hub of music and good times that is The Angel Microbrewery!

Poets, comedians, singer/songerwriters who are looking for a platform to play at gigs and more around the city please come down and speak to our stage manager Fíachra Shanks at 7.30-8.00 if you would like to book a slot, alternatively,pop along and see if there are any spaces. All are welcome!

It’s a great way for beginners to test out their material and provide a platfom by which to learn their craft.


Comedians, poets, performers, singers welcome!

So practice your set and bring your strings!!

Open mic times are from 8.00 -10..15 and we have Brandy Row up from that place we’re not from for a rare and free set . I hope you can all make it to see him, he’s quite special x

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10.30 pm

Projecting the sorrow of blues, the urgency of rock ‘ roll and the poetic charm of folk, Brandy Row Is a solo from London performing world wide for over a decade, and is now emerging as a collaborator blending different styles of international roots music into one solid genre; self proclaimed inner city folk. Rough around the edges, Driven by wild desire. Brandy Row is a singer, guitarist, lyricist, and above all, entertainer. He has opened up and played with such artists as The Killers, Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats, Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols, and Adam Ant, to mention a few. Whether it’s with The Brandy Row band or taking the center stage on his own, the passion and intensity behind his unique spectrum of soulful stories and feelings paints pictures of a a bygone era of yesteryear…. With a twist…

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