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// Nightfish goes Psyche #1

PsYcHeFiSh #1
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Thursday 2nd March at The Southbank Bar – Nottingham City

Our free weekly band showcase for up and coming local and national bands at the New Southbank City bar on Friar lane just off the market square – we hope to see you all there! Tonight we have a special mix of electro, psyche and Space Rock to trip your minds into the far out reaches of the seventh stratosphere!

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10.30 pm

Sunset Nebula are the quintessential goovacious space rock tribe signed to both Oak Island & Cargo Records and featuring members of Baybo Squayboand Leo and the Seraphim. Excellent musicians channeling the cosmos through a psych groove part improv rock medium whilst challenging the status quo at random given times.

Sunset Nebula are the kind of sound you would hear in an elevator, if said elevator was hurtling its way into the stratosphere at lightning speed. Nuanced Melodies, Powerful Rythyms, Ethereal Soundscapes that soar to euphoric peaks and spellbounding heights. “Metagalactic, penetrating guitars, pounding drums and tight basslines make sure that this three-piece make a hell of a lot
of beautiful noise”. – Gigwise

“It’s incredible to think that even now they’ve barely getting started and yet they are steadily carving out a reputation as one of the most exciting new acts on the psych scene.” – Drowned in Sound



★ GU – RU
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9.30 pm

“The beauty of music today is that you can find a diamond in the rough, or psychedelic mushrooms in the grass, whilst searching through the muck and mud that is the music industry. Enter GU-RU” (Flea Market Funk)

GU-RU is a trio comprising of keys, drums and bass. It is a “bouillabaisse of Cosmic funk, soul and Full-Tilt-Motor-Groove” (FMF), drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as The Doors, Return to Forever, Tame Impala and Herbie Hancock.
For the past decade members of GU-RU have performed worldwide, working with the likes of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Alabama 3 and Z-Star to name but a few.

The band’s upcoming second E.P, ‘Cat on The Howling Moon Records’, and has already been hailed a triumph by critics who describe it as “sounding rather like a young Jim Morrison…fabulous Fender Rhodes…lush horn textures…intergalactic synth accents” (Plunger) and “What these funk virtuosos decided to do is create they’re own version of a psych jazz funk and give us ‘Into The Light’, four radio tunes with enough catchy melodies to stick to your brain” (We are the last beatniks).

GU-RU are touring the U.K in early 2017, in support of ‘Into the Light’ which is out now on Cat on Howling Moon Records:




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Putamen conjure up post-Punk/Indie/Darkwave/Electro sounds for bith the Lovers and Haters amongst you all!


Check out their latest video and remember! “When life and death are a loop of men perception. you better enjoy it because you are are part of it. if you like what you see/hear share it with your friends and like PUTAMEN page!


Happy Hour 4-7pm – 30% Off Food & Drink
£2.50 Navigation Ales
2-4-1 Cocktails
£2 Jager-bombs
£10 Prosecco
50% Off Food for Students


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