Shady Cow is back! And is absolutely chilled to the bone to present Witch of the East’s ‘Savage Beauty’ Halloween album launch party! With Halloween costume competitions, the peculiarly unexpected as well as satanic revelry of all denominations. We will be celebrating this hauntingly electrifying occasion with a Queer Halloween live music extravaganza! Along side performance from bastions of the dark & alternative drag scene Glitterhawk & Draven with a soundtrack for the night provided by DJ Greyskull of DirtyFilthySexy fame. Hosted by the intergalactic leather daddy himself Franx Franklin!




£8 adv. £10 OTD or FREE ENTRY w/ Pre-order of ‘Savage Beauty’ through Rough Trade.

Tickets here:

Pre-order the digital album here:




Witch of the East


OFFICIAL VIDEO for Red, Yellow and Black

The Visceral and sublime Witch Of The East; whose songs of cinematic, Genre-Twisting potency, governed by songstress Aeris Houlihan, are nothing short of pushing boundaries within popular guitar music of the early 90’s and giving it a well needed ‘2021 punch in the gut!’ Hitting you deep inside your core. An elevated, dystopian, apocalyptic angst runs through their bones and delivers a harsh dose of reality through the dreaminess of their aura.


‘Savage Beauty’

‘Savage Beauty’ updates Industrial, Experimental Melodic Pop to a new plateau. Activist for trans rights and lead singer Aeris Houlihan’s vocal delivery cuts through with a gritty malaise reminiscent of a late 80’s Grace Jones- stoic and brave, combined with co-writer and performance artists Zera Tønin and the angular drumming style of Manny;
The sonic heroism that Witch Of The East conjure on ‘Savage Beauty’ is no accident.




Head off the DirtyFilthySexy Coven is Glitterhawk where they teeter between the supernatural and the real world. A demon to some, a witch to all. They will steal you away to a far off place and enter a world of dreams where there are no limitations and anything is possible. A magical and enchanting world of storytelling without limits to the imagination.

Sleepers may enter, but only Dreamers find their way in the labyrinth of dark illusions. Take heed, that your journey could provoke a transformation into the stuff of nightmares!




Draven is the psychotic carnival creature from your worst nightmares. Expect them to bring ghoulish glamour, camp clownery and a passionate performance.


DJ Greyskull


Legend of Nottingham’s Goth and Queer scene and founder of the powerhouse that is DirtyFilthySexy… DJ Greyskull blends alternative genres to create unique soundscapes for every performance. Prepare to head down the musical rabbit hole and see where it takes you.


Franx Franklin


Franx Franklin is your local intergalactic leatherdaddy from the 69th dimension! It is a known fact that back in 1979 Franx was innocently cottaging in viccy centre toilets when an inter-dimensional wormhole opened up right before his eyes! Before he knew it he was propelled through time and space experiencing every licentious pleasure the universe had to offer. Finally he landed back in Nottingham just in time to host in the style of a true leather-clad, space-aged Dionysus!


See you there for mayhem & murder on the dance floor!


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