Punks is Hippies & I’m Not From London presents a night of ragin’, full on frontside rawk’n’roll, degenerate drugs’n’roll and sexy, roxy goth’n’roll… and all for zero pounds.

Sheer Attack – ragin’ Scouse skate punxxx, frontside rawk’n’roll (https://sheerattack.bandcamp.com/releases)

Bloody Head – degenerate crank-rock’n’roll-ies from Notts, bad musick for bad people (https://bloodyhead.bandcamp.com/album/failed-experiments-in-kindness)

We Wild Blood – narcotic paranoia noise party (NPNP) from the Big Smoke (https://wewildblood.bandcamp.com/)

Slumb Party – roxy goths from Notts, party music for dead punks (https://slumbparty.bandcamp.com/)

free punk gig… in a brewery… what could possibly go wrong?


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