I’m Not From London presents…
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The fourth party in our series of Sobar x Wire and Wool.

The perfect platform for artists, poets, film makers, comedians and musicians – all the Wire & Wool nights at Sobar will be free!!

Kwoli Black
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Kwoli Black is a rapper, makeshift singer and poet from Essex. Kwoli’s music is a reflection the artist himself, an amalgamation of his UK upbringing and his US influences. His poetry is often soft and enticing, or direct and thought provoking often touching on conscious subjects. 

By blending the raw grit of the UK rap style and melodic, jazz and soul sounds, he creates his own sound while inspiring to create honest, real, head-bopping, music to vibe too.


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Finlay Shaun Thorpe, the thinking woman’s Mr Toad of Wollaton Hall takes us on a wild lyrical ride of observational verse and musings! A man that makes sense of the chaos of the world by saying words at strangers, sometimes the words rhyme.


Homeless Shakespeare
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With a slap-pop acoustic guitar style, I create beats underlying the low end groove and jazzy chords. Sometimes, you’ll be hearing the funky, psychedelic, soft and scratching FX. Or maybe a chilled set with a loop pedal and instrumental acoustic music. Or a gypsy-jazz slap guitar style with rap and guitar beats.

Now incorporating more comedy, jokes and satirical commentary on performing live as an entertainer, as well as, with the more experimental sets, live painting to backing tracks and poetry.


Frankie Vacuum
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“Helmet-wearing, boot-stomping, card-carrying guerrilla poet from the darkest streets of Nottingham. Makes John Cooper Clarke sound like Pam Ayers.” Leftlion (December 2015)

“You can catch the shy and retiring FRANKIE VACUUM at the Cricketers Rest. He’s got a song called ‘Kanye’s Vest’ explaining why Kanye will never be president cos of his choice of vest and one called ‘Anna Soubry’s Fish Pie’ which is funnily enough about Anna Soubry’s Fish Pie.” (Nusic June 2017)



Adam Nightingale

Adam Nightingale is an award-winning writer, spoken word performer and storyteller. His knowledge of Nottingham’s sinister hidden history is second to none (he literally knows where the bodies are buried). Adam is proud to bring some of historic Notts grisliest stories (and some related spoken word stuff) to the Sobar.

So, come to the Sobar and hear tales of a stupid suicide, a prickly love story, a famous Midlands scientist’s strange Saturday job, and (if there’s time) something completely off topic about Bigfoot.


* * * * *

‘ UP Uke Duo are Genre-straddling ukulele two piece strutting their folky, funky four string thing.’

Ukulele is definitely the latest trend among musicians, and UP are a uke duo that can master this “young guitar”.
Performing the soulful tunes of some the greatest songwriters of all times, they make the perfect act for closing a lovely night of arts.




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