I’m Not From London Presents….
Sat 27th August at The Old Bus Depot
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Nottingham based five-piece, drawn from varied corners of Midland-shires.
Nature of their purpose: Composite dialectical materialism and conventional instrumentation
Inspired by a broad swathe of radical artists from prior decades, they begin their long millennial march through the institutions by delivering their caustic-bile sound, enveloped in dulcet petrichor tone.
Character of their sound: Klang und Drang
FFO: Prose, Unions, Electricity, High-Modernism
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Loud, fast & fucked. That’s Shaka PR.
The trio is actually made up of unbelievable musicians with inner crafts that could fit into any established outfit, Ellis Smith (Lead guitar/vocals) who was an integral part of the sound of Barnsley’s anti austerity/anti establishment collective The Hurriers.
Sam Horton (bass/vocals) is one of the true spirits of creativity and a righteous soul who has his fingers in more pies than a Percy Turner filler on match days in S74, check out Regional Creeps & [retreat]. Jake Sainty (Drums) who is part of Black Pudding, one of the loudest and unforgettable live bands to come out of Leeds in recent years.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Two out of a hundred billion, Pretty Windows are a Nottingham band, their music firmly rooted in the city of their upbringing, so much so they named themselves after their local boozer. At one time the rhythm section, now they have stepped forward into the blinding spotlights, taking over on lead guitar and vocals, and leaving the rest to the machines. They play to loops, beats and bleeps, with sparse guitar, hooky basslines and spoken words full of a riot of characters, scenes and fables – their salad days of glory. How it all came together this time it’s difficult to say, but maybe some things really do take a lifetime to get right?
£5 entry on the door.
Part of INFL & The Old Bus Depot’s Art Council funded project , 50 gigs around the sun.
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