What is mastering?

This is the step between final mixing at your recording studio and the manufacturing of your CD or DVD. Mastering is the enhancement of the sonic quality of audio. The goal of mastering is to maximize the full intent of the artist and to make the volume levels and frequencies work together for a cohesive collaboration. Ambience and enhancement are worked through converters, compressors, equalizers, and software, all designed specifically for the mastering process. Mastering can be achieved through analog or digital, or a combination of the two.

For a free sample drop us an email to mastering@imnotfromlondon.com.

We offer a variety of services including:

Traditional Stereo Mastering

A 2-track mix is processed through a single audio path – into a stereo mastering system.

Stem Mastering with Analog Summing

Two or more separated portions of your mix (example: drums, bass, instruments, vocals) are processed through a vintage discrete summing mixer device (with HAUFE/ PIKATRON in/out transformer) and high-precision stereo mastering system.

Mastered for iTunes

We are also a verified Mastered for iTunes provider.




Analog/Digital Outboard Processing

  • AVALON AD2055 Pure Class A Parametric Mastering Equalizer
  • SKNOTE VASTASO stereo compressor
  • SPL VITALIZER sound enhancement
  • WAVES MaxxBCL Digital Stereo Maximizer/Limiter/Comp/AddA
  • LAWO Vintage Discrete Stereo Summing Mixer (with HAUFE/PIKATRON in/out transformer)
  • LEXICON PCM96 professional Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor


  • EVE AUDIO SC307 Studio Monitor Speakers
  • PMC TB1 Studio Monitor Speakers
  • LONGHIN Vaacum tube amplification
  • WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.3 Hi-Fi Speakers
  • ONKIO integrated amplifier
  • RADIAL ENGINEERING MC3 studio monitor controller
  • GRADO headphones
  • Digital Conversion


If you’d like to know more about our professional mastering service drop us an email to mastering@imnotfromlondon.com.