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A Review of Hollow Stare's Debut Single - 'Sleep'

On June 21st 2024, the deathcore landscape was shaken by the arrival of Hollow Stares and their debut single, 'Sleep'


This track, a powerful blend of raw emotion and technical prowess, signals the emergence of a band ready to make their mark in the heavy metal scene.

'Sleep' dives deep into the chilling realm of sleep paralysis; The track's journey from concept to completion is a story of perseverance and creativity. Daniel, fresh out of his master's program in audio production, found himself navigating the uncertainties of the UK's job market. Amidst this, he poured his energy into crafting instrumental tracks, one of which caught the attention of his long-time collaborator, Ben Fleming.

With Ben's vocal talents added to the mix, 'Bass Shmack' evolved into the epic 'Sleep.' This collaboration marks the official birth of Hollow Stares, a project steeped in the duo's shared history and mutual respect. Daniel's production expertise and Ben's commanding vocals create a formidable partnership, evident in every note of their debut.

The instrumentation on 'Sleep' is as intense as the subject matter. Featuring the Ibanez Universe BK777 1998, strandberg NX 6, Dingwall NG3, Getgood Drums, and Ben's vocals captured through a Shure SM7B, the track is a masterclass in modern metal production. Philip Marsden's mastering adds the final polish, ensuring 'Sleep' hits with unparalleled force.

'Sleep is a song about sleep paralysis and the terror that comes with it,' says Daniel. 'But for us, it represents much more. It's our first completed song as Hollow Stares, and it embodies the start of what we hope will be a long, successful career.'

To accompany the release, a professionally crafted visualizer with lyrics offers fans a gripping visual experience that complements the track's intense energy. For enthusiasts of Periphery, Lorna Shore, and Slaughter to Prevail, 'Sleep' delivers a familiar yet fresh auditory punch.

Hollow Stares is a testament to Daniel and Ben's resilience and artistic vision. Despite economic and social challenges, they have channeled their struggles into creating music that resonates deeply. Their commitment to their craft and each other is the driving force behind their sound.

As 'Sleep' garners attention and acclaim, Hollow Stares is already preparing for future releases. This debut single is merely the beginning of a journey that promises to redefine deathcore and leave a lasting impact on the genre.


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