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Dani Grace's 'One Version of Me' Is A Mesmerizing Blend of Pop, Dance, and R&B: Interview

Asheville-based rising artist Dani Grace is gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated EP, 'One Version of Me.' Filled with enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics, this captivating collection effortlessly fuses elements of pop, dance, and R&B to transport listeners into a realm of ethereal fantasy.

Drawing inspiration from notable artists while infusing their own unique style, Dani Grace's music resonates with fans of contemporary pop while introducing captivating new elements. The EP's lead track, ‘Flight 2U’, showcases Dani's exceptional talent for crafting synth-driven soundscapes that explore themes of desire, love, and longing.

Since embracing the production side of music, Dani Grace has discovered new avenues of creativity. For 'One Version of Me,' Dani chose to collaborate with beat producer Matthew May, acquiring a selection of beats that perfectly complement their artistic vision. Utilizing FL Studio for vocal recording, mixing, and mastering, Dani Grace skillfully crafts each track, honing their unique sound and capturing the essence of their creative vision. The EP represents a significant step forward in Dani's musical journey, displaying promising elements that hint at the artist's ongoing exploration of new sonic territories.

Dani Grace's musical odyssey began with their first left-handed guitar at the age of 14, igniting a passion that would shape their career. By 16, Dani was already recording their own music, using it as a refuge from the world. A fortuitous encounter with Peter Brownlee at 18 led to the creation of significant releases such as ‘Artificial Emotions’ and ‘Closer’, which showcased Dani's determination for a lifelong career in music. The setbacks imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic only fueled their ambition, as Dani utilized the time to construct a home studio and explore new dimensions of creativity.

Looking ahead to 2023, Dani Grace has set their sights on ambitious goals. Alongside the release of 'One Version of Me,' they plan to unveil a minimum of three singles, captivating audiences with their enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The emotionally charged tribute ballad, ‘MAMA’ released on Mother's Day, stands as a testament to Dani's ability to channel their experiences of grief, love, and loss into moving compositions. It serves as an indicator of the emotional depth present in their music and showcases Dani's growth as a songwriter.

With the impending release of 'One Version of Me,' Dani Grace's unique blend of pop, dance, and R&B is set to captivate audiences once again. The EP promises to take listeners on a transcendent musical journey, with each track lingering in the imagination long after the final note fades. Dani's passion for music and commitment to their craft shines through in every carefully crafted melody and lyric. As fans eagerly anticipate this latest chapter in Dani Grace's mesmerizing musical journey, it's clear that the artist's talent and dedication will continue to shape their burgeoning career.

Dani Grace's 'One Version of Me' EP represents a significant milestone in the artist's musical evolution. With their enchanting melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and ability to seamlessly blend genres, Dani Grace is poised to make a lasting impact on the pop music scene. As listeners embark on the musical journey crafted by 'One Version of Me,' they will undoubtedly find themselves eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Dani Grace's artistic exploration.

Photo credit: Ginnie Busick

Who is Dani Grace and what does she stand for?

I am a primarily self taught singer, songwriter, and producer. What I stand for is self expression and encouraging people to chase their dreams. As someone with chronic illness, I want to show people like me that their physical limitations don’t define them, and I also hope to educate others on chronic health since it’s something I feel is very overlooked.

Can you talk to our readers through your latest release - 'One Version of Me' EP, and its creative journey?

One Version of Me is a mix of pop/dance/rnb songs that focus on love and longing. For this EP, I want listeners to be able to escape reality through my ethereal Melodies and beats. This EP also features Malik, my first collaboration, on Until We Try. The EP was produced with the help of Matthew May. The first track, Wanted, is about the longing for someone to feel the same way as you but they don’t because of their fear of commitment. From here, listeners are brought to Until We Try, which brings the longing to a forefront with back and forth conversation of taking the next step with someone you love. The last track, Flight 2U, brings all these feelings around with wanting to do anything to be with your person no matter the obstacles that stand in the way.

Which track was your favorite to record? What was the selection process like for the EP?

My favorite track to record was Flight 2U. I’ve had it sitting in my song vault for some time, and when I began planning the EP, Flight 2U stood out as one of the songs I should include. The selection process was fairly simple. The hardest part was finding a feature for Until We Try, but once Malik came into the picture the entire song came together and definitely made the EP even better.

Who do you draw inspiration from? Who are your influences?

Illenium is my biggest musical influence. The way he builds his music is spectacular and beautiful. My other influences include Jessie Murph and Grey Zeigler

Do you have any unreleased ideas in the works?

Yes I do. I’m currently beginning the writing and early production for a new single, and plan to do at least 2 more after during this year


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