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DEAD STAR TALK: Redefining Music Distribution with 'Solid State Chemicals'

DEAD STAR TALK, the innovative band known for their eclectic sound and groundbreaking approaches, is once again set to shake up the music industry with their second album, "Solid State Chemicals"

This announcement comes on the heels of their successful debut, "Too Many Too Much," which was recorded during the lockdown and released in early 2022. The debut album's success catapulted the band to major festival stages like Rolling Stone Beach and Reeperbahn Festival, igniting their ambitions and setting the stage for their latest venture.

"Solid State Chemicals" is a statement: Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the Grammy-winning producer Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, the album promises to be a masterpiece. Rasmussen, famed for his work with Metallica, brings his signature touch to DEAD STAR TALK’s rich, layered sound. "Working on 'Solid State Chemicals' really gave me a buzz," Rasmussen says. "It’s still very much DEAD STAR TALK, but it’s more layered and complex than the previous work we’ve done. I think this album will make a lot of people realize that there is a lot more to the band than the simple guitar rock nostalgia trip they sometimes get written off as."

The album’s limited availability on streaming platforms is a bold and conscious decision by the band. "Solid State Chemicals" will be available for streaming only through the month of June 2024 before being taken down in July. Permanent copies will be available in limited quantities on vinyl and as NFTs, as well as through music download stores. This unique distribution strategy underscores DEAD STAR TALK’s stance against the exploitative practices of major streaming platforms.

"We’re a small band so we don’t have a lot to lose," the band explains. "Spotify and all the other tech giants are treating culture and arts like trash, exploiting it for ridiculous financial gains, without giving anything back to the artists. Harshly put, we make songs as a charity for them to sell Google ads and iPhones. The decision to pull back the full album after one month seems quite natural: If you truly like the album, get behind DEAD STAR TALK by downloading it or buying a vinyl copy. It truly makes a difference, but no one is forcing you."

DEAD STAR TALK’s distinctive sound is shaped by the diverse backgrounds of its members. Fronted by Christian Buhl and Günes Kocak, and supported by the rhythm section of Erik Jensen on bass guitar and Claus Nielsen on drums, the band brings a fusion of cultures and musical influences to their work. Their new album promises to explore new sonic territories while staying true to their melodic, polyphonic, guitar-driven roots.

Tracks like "The Hurricane" feature unique psychedelic qualities and whistling solos, while "Good People?" offers a swaggering, shoegaze anthem. The reflective ballad "Jealous Dream" and the pop art-inspired title track "Solid State Chemicals" showcase the band’s lyrical depth and versatility.

As DEAD STAR TALK prepares to unveil "Solid State Chemicals," fans are invited to join this revolutionary journey. Whether through streaming, downloading, or collecting limited edition vinyl and NFTs, each action supports the band's vision and artistic integrity, marking a significant moment in the evolution of modern music.

For more information and updates, follow DEAD STAR TALK on their social media channels and visit their official website.


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