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Pop singer-songwriter from Nottingham, Jake Buckley, is set to release his new single Sleeping With The Lights On on 2nd September. Having spent his career performing with bands and writing for other artists, Buckley is now exploring his musicality as a solo artist.

Buckley, a talented songwriter and producer, describes his lyrics as rich “with wry observations, bittersweet epiphanies and sincere declarations.” Sleeping With The Lights On blends his heartfelt lyrics with poppy synths akin to artists like The 1975 and Maroon 5.

Drawing on his personal experiences recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, Buckley crafts an upbeat, positive track about the importance of changing and facing up to your demons. The song’s positivity is infectious – the lyrics centre on moving forward, while Buckley’s ambitious synth-pop arrangement physically moves you forward. The track’s upbeat synths and high-energy guitar solo encourage you to dance, let loose and find freedom.

Sleeping With The Lights On acts like a New Years’ resolution as Buckley asserts that he will “draw a new line,” “begin changing” and “stop the white line [he’s] been chasing.” Buckley reminds the listener that “one day all we have will be gone” but refuses to dwell on this. Instead, he puts his energy into moving on and growing, the chorus telling the listener that there’s “no use hiding in the dark now, we gotta face it” and “no use stepping around, you gotta stand up against it.” Buckley’s use of the personal pronouns “we” and “you” spread his positive message, encouraging his listeners to adopt his philosophy of self-improvement and growth.

Written by Anna Sykes

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