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'THE LONG YEAR' - Louis Cypher & The Local Healers

It’s true the last eighteen months or so has seem like a lifetime to many of us and so for The Local Healers (Nay Loco & Ty Healy) and Louis Cypher to bring us The Long Year, kinda fits so well with the way things have been. These guys have worked together before on a few projects and to bring us this EP the Notts legends have teamed up with none other than that man from Exeter Pandamonium, who has obviously not been resting on his laurels recently…

This seven track EP was written and recorded by Local Healers (Nay Loco & Ty Healy) & Louis Cypher. The music was produced, mixed and mastered by Pandamonium & released via I’m Not From Brooklyn and Kamikaze Airlines Records.

Artist: Local Healers, Louis Cypher & Pandamonium Release Date: 25/03/2022 Label: I'm Not From Brooklyn Catalog Number: INFL051D


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