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Don't dodge these bullets!!!

1. Can you give us a bit on what's been happening with INFL?

1. We are about to record an EP with INFL at the bus depot studio in a couple of weeks, which we are totally stoked for. We will play all four songs from this at the JT Soar gig. The tracks are: ‘And Another Thing’, ‘Missing U’, ‘Mickey Mickey Mouse Mouse’, and ,’Alright Harry?’

2. Have you ever played at JT Soars before? If so, what can someone who has never been to the venue expect?

2. We’ve not played at JT Soars before but have seen quite a number of gigs there over the years. It’s a cool little venue, a really intimate space - sometimes to the point where you can’t tell who’s the band and who’s the audience…a great venue where you are guaranteed a great night and take your own beer…absolutely love it.

3. Leading on from the previous question,

What can someone who has never seen you live or heard your music to expect?

3. If you’ve not seen us play before, expect a melting pot brimming with art rock, punk, ska and psyche with loads of other tasty flavours stirred into the mix. It’s definitely a performance: Newton’s laws of energy meets Twiglets

4. Have you seen any of the other bands that are performing tonight live? If so, what was that like?

4. Can’t wait to see Ponyland as haven’t seen them before…they sound ace online. Dim Bulbs are fucking excellent, strong durgy sounds, summoning demons from the earths core with an energised and charismatic front man. love them.

5.Given the recent closures of local venues, what do you think can be done to support them to prevent this from becoming the norm?

5.You can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music… tshirts - buy drinks in venues, buy tickets for local gigs. Use em or lose em!

6. With the cuts of cultural funding for Nottingham how have you found it as an artist to adapt and how have you dealt with this?

6. It’s a story of measures and counter measures. Art of all kinds finds it’s fix despite the restrictions - it’s way of generating a voice within restrictions. Live music is the most accessible art form for most people, partly because of its elemental (and popular) nature, but also because of its ability to fuel resistance. Live music finds ways of being, irrespective of limitations, because it is part of the soul of a society. That said, when a society refuses, or is unable, to fund the means of cultural production, it makes it exceptionally hard on the artists and cultural producers who make it all happen. If the powerful within a society refuse to fund its art, they’ve forgotten what their society is.

Follow Moonbullet here, see them tonight play alongside Ponyland and Dim Bulbs on Thursday 11th April. -Tickets £10 otd, BYOB - LP out this summer via I'm Not From London Records- Watch this space!


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