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"Exploring the Enchanting World of 'Sky Blue Happiness' single by 2079: A Review and Analysis"

Considering i hadn't heard of these lads before, i can safely say this new E.P is going to take them very far in the scene they are clearly breaking into hard.

On listening to new E.P i heard the opening guitar and instantly thought of Alice in Chains, so i knew i was going to be impressed.

I can hear lots of different influences and sounds from this track but what stands out to me is how they compare to early Kings Of Leon’s first album with a sprinkling of the Stone Roses to top it off like a cherry on a sundae.

The individual sounds that each of the lads contribute are are all so very different in their own right. The guitar as i said has a melodic 90s grunge vibe which flows effortlessly with the vocals hitting hard with a punchy sound. 

However on a personal note the drums stood out to me the most, sounding so very reminiscent of early Dave Grohl when is he was in Queens Of The Stone Age.

This single hits hard with a raw intensity that will get under your skin and undoubtedly create an ear worm for days.

  • Words by Sophie Alexandra.


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