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Experience the electrifying fusion of music and sustainable fashion - An Interview with Sir Winston

The electrifying beats of Sir Winston's latest indie-sleaze single, ‘Perfectly Numb’, are not only captivating music enthusiasts but also weaving a thread that connects art and fashion sustainability.

Hailing from New York City and with Australian roots, Sir Winston has proven himself a maestro at blending genres and creating unique sonic experiences. Now, he extends his artistic prowess into the world of fashion, echoing his commitment to creativity and sustainability.

Sir Winston's musical journey unfolds like a symphony of genres, and his single ‘Perfectly Numb’ is a testament to his diverse inspirations. Drawing influence from iconic acts such as LCD Soundsystem, MGMT, New Order, and Nine Inch Nails, Sir Winston expertly crafts a sound that resonates with indie pop and electronic music aficionados alike. The single's energetic and infectious beats make it an instant hit for any party, while its unique blend of styles sets it apart as an artistic masterpiece.

However, Sir Winston's creativity doesn't stop at music. He has seamlessly merged his passion for music with sustainable fashion through his brand, aptly named Sir Winston. The brand has gained recognition for its commitment to environmental consciousness, crafting clothing collections that echo Sir Winston's innovative spirit and dedication to a greener future.

Sir Winston's sustainable fashion endeavors have already caught the attention of major fashion campaigns, including collaborations with NIKE, VOGUE, Victoria’s Secret, and Maybelline. His designs reflect a fusion of artistic expression and eco-friendly practices, creating a distinctive fashion line that resonates with conscious consumers.

Beyond the runway, Sir Winston's sustainable fashion ethos is deeply embedded in his lifestyle. His recent Pop-Up installation on the Lower East Side of Manhattan showcased not only his clothing collections but also his dedication to a sustainable and artistic lifestyle.

As Sir Winston takes his music and fashion journey on a global tour this summer, he invites enthusiasts to join him on a captivating ride. From energetic club shows in his homeland Australia to his soul-stirring Tech House DJ sets, Sir Winston's creative endeavours know no bounds.

‘Perfectly Numb’ is just one facet of Sir Winston's artistic tapestry, a glimpse into the multifaceted world he weaves through music, fashion, and sustainability. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons, we eagerly await the release of his forthcoming EP 'Démons à Combattre,' a showcase of his unparalleled talent and boundless creativity.

Can you explain the concept of Sir Winston as a sustainable fashion label and music persona?

I’ve always loved making music, it pumps my blood and gets me through life. I’ve made a lot of albums and released them under many different monikers. I also love fashion. It’s another way to express myself and it’s highly creative. I love the way that I feel when I put an outfit together. We transform when we put on clothes. We can be whoever we want to be. I love David Bowie. He’s probably my all-time most adored artist. He was such a chameleon and continually reinvented himself in amazing ways.

So after taking a break from all creative projects for a few years, I was drawn back in with a huge desire to be even more creative and to try new things. I created Sir Winston as not just a new moniker – but multidimensional – to be a brand as well that would enhance the music and also help get my messaging across.

I recently did a pop-up shop in New York and it was the first proper physical presence we’d had as a brand. I loved how people would leave the shop happy and excited in Sir Winston. We gave away Sir Winston music releases on vinyl and we had the recent Sex in Paris collection available. It was so good to finally explain to people some of the processes involved with making sustainable clothes and products. For example, I made Eco-Slides for summer out of recycled plastic, specifically salvaged from building sites. It was a very involved process making those slides that took a long time.

Making people feel amazing and turning them on with music, incredible experiences and sustainable fashion is the Sir Winston mission. And whilst we do it, we hope to get the message across that there are better ways that we can make clothes, party, and enjoy life without harming the planet. It’s all about caring about each other at the end of the day. Caring about what happens to our planet for future generations. Caring about the animals that live here too. Caring about your neighbour. The world has become so selfish. I’d hoped that the pandemic would leave the world with more of a sense of global community but I think it might take more than a global pandemic to get us there. I think every individual and every brand needs to start caring more.

How do you believe fashion can contribute to a more sustainable future?

It’s more about how it can stop being part of the problem. Global clothing manufacturing and the related packaging is incredibly harmful to the planet - plus we over consume. Vivienne Westwood famously said: “buy less, choose well, make it last”. The Vivienne Westwood brand is a brilliant example of a brand with a huge sustainable heart, that has at its core, a desire to promote awareness and campaign against climate change.

There are countless ways that brands can contribute to a sustainable future. By using organic and recycled materials and by not using first generation plastic. By deeply monitoring and making sure that their supply chains are using sustainable and ethical practices. By minimizing wastage and not over producing. By sourcing more locally to reduce pollution and energy consumption.

It’s really easy for brands to adopt better packaging. The last few years have seen incredible new options with recycled and plant-based bio-degradable packaging. It may cost slightly more – but the younger audience want to see a sustainable heart to a brand – so the support will be there in the end if they do it. Brands can use their position of influence to continue to push the message harder. The planet is not happy – we have fucked it right up - we can fix it - but we need to do it now.

With music artists it’s so easy for them to contribute to sustainability. It really is a no brainer. I get so annoyed at a show when I see artists are not making any effort. When I see that they are selling merch that is not organic or recycled. If all the artists in the world decided to only sell recycled and organic merch at their concerts and through their websites, it would have a massive impact. If they made sure that all that merch was shipped in a recycled or biodegradable package. Boooooom! – a huge impact. And with the extra messaging about sustainability around their merch it will impact their fans - who can spread the message further.

I nearly always buy a shirt at a show and I go to a lot of shows. The only artist that I have seen selling sustainable T-shirts at a show in the last year was Nick Cave. It was really good to see – well done Nick!

Could you share some insights into how Sir Winston aims to ensure sustainability throughout your production process?

I’m very passionate about sustainability and it's the core principle of my brand. I studied sustainability and I have a master’s degree in Sustainability from Bond University in Australia. I’m always learning and I pay attention – it’s a constantly evolving space.

We are strongly committed to Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade & Ethical practices across all aspects of our brand including our products, manufacturing, labor, packaging & fulfillment. We’re continually striving to lessen our impact on the environment, and we’re committed to packaging solutions that are both good for our customer and good for the environment.

We have a ZERO first generation plastic policy across every aspect of the brand. Our premium garments are packaged in boxes made from recycled post-consumer waste cardboard and are 100% recyclable and Responsible Forestry Certified ensuring that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Some accessories are packaged in 100% recycled plastic bags. All our products are shipped in 100% biodegradable mailer bags made from corn starch, they are home & commercially compostable and leave no harmful residue behind once they break down. Our swing tags are made from post-consumer waste cardboard, manufactured 100% carbon neutral and using vegetable based inks (an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based inks). Our label ties are made from 100% Hemp, eco-friendly, biodegradable, AZO-Free Dye & Oil-Free. Our wrapping paper & stickers are made from 100% recyclable & biodegradable acid free FSC paper & printed with Eco friendly Soy-based Inks.

And our USA based fulfillment company is a Green Eco-friendly company, utilizing the best sustainable business practices with minimal impact on the environment.

That’s where we’re at currently – but we keep our eyes open for better.

In your opinion, why is it crucial for the fashion industry to prioritize sustainability and adopt more eco-friendly practices?

It is obvious that the world is imploding. We are in decline. Global warming is as real as fuck and we are now living through it and the consequences are diabolical. The huge floating island in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas made from plastic waste is disgusting. It’s disgraceful. The disappearing Amazon Jungle is disgusting and a disgrace. I could go on and on. It’s partly because of greed and because some people don’t care. A lot of the people in power are selfish and greedy. But it's about education too. The knowledge is there and the solutions are there, but putting it into action requires a global focus. Individual habits need to change and that’s hard. Corporate habits need to change too and that’s even harder.

We need the great creative minds in fashion and music to show they have big hearts and to use their huge influence. It’s starting to happen – the generation coming up want to see more sustainable practices in action – more recycled collections and less waste. But there are still brands out there that don’t care and only want to make money. Fast fashion needs to fuck off. But I want to see more from the music industry as well as the fashion industry. Like I said earlier – sell only recycled shirts at your show and don’t put it in a plastic fucking bag!

What role does music play in conveying the message of sustainability and promoting conscious fashion through the Sir Winston brand?

I get a lot of attention with my music and when people dig deeper they discover the brand and the messaging around it. Music is my first passion, and always will be – it’s my oxygen. But I’m loving so much to learn and share my knowledge with other artists around sustainability and I believe that collectively we can make a difference.


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